Ways to Survive Blogging

Introduction with personality

Offering five tips so that you can get read and not get lost in the virtual world

Katy Cowan from The Guardian suggests two tips….

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1/3rd of the way done!


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Hey guys!

We are now entering the fifth week of the semester, and we’re practically 1/3rd of the way finished! Hang in there friends!

Recap of last week. On Tuesday, January 29th, your Code of Ethics page was due, which grades for those will soon be entered on Blackboard.  Also, Mullen demonstrated and went through step-by-step as to how to set up your LinkedIn profiles, which you should all have set up by now. You all should have a professional profile picture, updated your work history, summary, skills and be connecting with your classmates.

On Thursday, January 31st, Mullen showed you all how to set up your blogs, which you should all have a WordPress by now. You all should have a theme, a “Blog Comment” tab and should have filled out your “About Me” tab with a paragraph about yourself, specifically focusing on your appropriate interests and career goals.

Remember guys, this week begins your social media tasks.

  • For your LinkedIn, you will need to connect with 5 professionals, join at least one group and post a comment with a minimum of 30-50 words on your group’s discussion board.
  • For your Twitter, you will need to follow 5 PR professionals, make at least five tweets/retweets per week.
  • For your WordPress, you will need to do your blog topic about the Super Bowl and comment on 2 of your classmates blogs with a minimum of 50 words, relevant to the blog topic. All of this is due no later than Tuesday, February 12th at 12pm (noon). Remember, no late is accepted and all of your posts have a timestamp on them.

We know this seems like a lot, but it really is not that bad and once you get into the routine, you’ll see how simple it is. Remember also, Jorgi and I (Victoria) will be in the library from 7-9p.m. tonight on the first floor in the back to assist you all with any questions you may have or help you may need with setting up your social media sites! Enjoy your week and don’t hesitate to contact, Jorgi, Mullen or myself!

Social Media Set Up

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As we continue into the semester, students have been setting up their social media sites such as Twitter and Linked In, and they will eventually continue on to WordPress in week four. Also, they turned in their Code of Ethics page, which will be graded soon. Students should make the necessary corrections on their COE because they will be a part of the final portfolio for the class.

For the Linked In guidelines, students are being asked to provide a profession profile picture, add information about their education, write a summary about themselves, list 10 skills, add any prior work experience with their responsibilities, list organizations they are actively involved in, as well as any awards or achievements. Students should also add 10 classmates as a connection, and they should join Mullen’s Intro to PR Group. Once the students Linked In account is set up, starting on February 5th, they should begin joining one group related to their career field. Students should also being posting one comment per week for the next nine weeks, and they should make connections, or follow five people.

While working with Twitter, students created a professional account, with a professional profile picture. They should have also written a brief ‘catchy’ bio about themselves, and posted a link to their twitter in the social media links discussion board. Starting February 5th, students will begin following five professionals and try to gain five new followers for the next nine weeks. Along with that, students should also tweet five times per week about a PR related topic while also using hashtags (#) like #publicrelations #PR #collegestudents #professionaladvice.

Also, all the students can locate their fellow classmates twitter accounts under the Spring 2012 Students tab in the Students Twitters area.

Week 2 Of Your New Journey!

Hello students! Tuesday, January 15th, was the start of our second week of classes. On Tuesday, we reviewed Chapter 1 of “Public Relations: A Values-Driven Approach” the required textbook that you should all have by now. We also reviewed all the different definitions of what exactly Public Relations is and the students were assigned to read Chapter 2 for an upcoming quiz that following Thursday. On Thursday, January 17th, we started class with a 10-question Chapter 2 quiz (which you all will be given often) and than graded each others quizzes. After the quizzes were graded and collected by the TA’s, we reviewed Chapter 2 and the ethics page was explained and assigned to be due on Thursday, January 24th. You can find examples of ethics pages and the assignment guidelines on Blackboard. Your quiz grades have also been posted. Remember to come to your professor or your TAs if you need any assistance!

The Start of a New Journey: Week 1 of the Spring 2013 Comm 269 Course

Image Credit: Let Ideas Compete via flickr
Image Credit: Let Ideas Compete via flickr

Week one of class was full of many introductions. Not only was the course, as well as the instructor, introduced, but the class also participated in introducing their peers to each other. As the students will go on to learn, connecting with new people is extremely important, especially in the PR world.

There are a few things the students should remember. The updated syllabus is available on blackboard. On that syllabus, the students will notice that chapter one should be read for class on Tuesday the 15th. Also know that connecting to the class Facebook page, although not required, will be beneficial in connecting with peers, asking questions and receiving help when needed.

The TA’s also have some advice for you so that you are prepared for this course. Make sure you go to class, and that you are on time. It’s fairly difficult to participate in the learning process if you don’t attend the class. Also, group work is important, and unavoidable, so make sure to stay connected with group members, make sure you have a way of contacting your peers and also meet as many times as your schedule will allow. Also remember, no late work is accepted.

Don’t stress out! This semester has just begun. Just make sure you do the work, and the readings, and you should find this class enjoyable.

Mullen’s Weekly Post – Week 5

Hello Everyone!

For Week 5, we talked even MORE about social media since it emcompasses 25% of the course points.  We had a guest speaker talk to us about how to better utilize Twitter and how to post relevant content.  Since we were on a Twitter kick, the blog topic for the week was “Tips for Increasing Twitter Followers”. 

We also read Chapter 4 in our text and we discussed the different “publics” that make up Public Relations.  We got into groups, and I assigned various types of organizations to each one.  Each group had to come up with five “publics” to whom messages are sent.  Then, each group was asked to come up with a “message” that could be sent to each “public”.